The Spiritual Nature of Water.

Each "Star Nebula" (Exploding Star) creates 60 oceans of water per hour. The image above is of the closest "star factory" to our solar system. THE ORION NEBULA... THIS, is the big sacred secret that we must overstand in order to truly grasp our divinity. In other words, HYPERDIMENSIONAL LIGHT from Star Nebula and Quasars CREATES WATER....

Our ancestors that built the pyraminds in Kemet understood this very well, and INTENTIONALLY constructed those monoliths and others, that vibrated at certain frequencies, which attracted certain types of healing waters from the Orion Nebula. In part, in essence, what they created is the world's largest atmospheric genorator.

Healthy water contains energies from the 16th dimension and beyond. THIS LIGHT IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND TRUE HYDRATION. There are various types of water for each blood type. (More on this very soon) You are divine and you are light!

~Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. CEO of Ancient Water Restoration Incorporated.

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